Let's face it, there is no mystery in pointing your cell phone skyward and pressing the 'click' button to capture the 'I was there moment' and for some, that is more than enough to suit their photo needs.

After all, cameras are just tools and like any tool of a tradesperson - there is no such thing as the one perfect tool for every project. Creating a great photograph is a combined sum of many parts - the ability to understand the subject matter, then the ability to pick the right camera, lens and environment to create an image, all while producing consistent - exceptional results.

I'm also a Marine Veteran and cancer survivor, so my comfort zone may be a few bars higher than most, but I don't take any of that for granted. Take this ride with me and remember - 'You never how strong you are, until being strong is your only option.' 




Authentic Traditions Gallery - Santa Fe, NM., Exhibit.

Canon Cameras - Honorable Mention/Action Sports.

Cowboys and Indians Magazine, Annual Photo Competition - Wildlife, Honorable Mention.

Plymouth (MA) Center for the Arts - ' The Fine Art of Photography', Juried Show.

New Mexico Magazine, Annual Photo Competition - Wildlife, Honorable Mention.

The Societies of International Travel and Leisure, London, UK - Professional Image Maker. Travel competition - 2nd Place Landscape competition.

Yankee Magazine - 'My New England' photo contest - Honorable Mention

 National Park Services - 'Telling America's Stories - Celebrating 100 Years of the National Park Services', Juried Event

Rocky Mountain Colorado Horse Expo, Denver, CO. Art in the Park 2X's  'Peoples Choice Award' 

The Maine Windjammer Association, Sail Maine Coast Photo Contest. Captain's Choice Award - 'Tall Shadows'